Cricket, the quintessential English game has been played in Ireland for centuries, and is in the second rank of team sports in Ireland in terms of player number along with Basketball and Hockey.

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There is currently 4 Provincial Leagues: Northern, North West, Leinster and Munster, with Connacht in a development phase. Three of these provinces play in the Interprovincial Series (Leinster, North West and Northern). There are both Open and Women’s in the three main Provinces and an Ireland International team at Men’s, Women’s, and various Junior categories.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various competitions:

Cricket Ball

Cricket Ireland

Cricket Ireland All-Ireland T20 Cup

CI Hanley Energy Inter Provincial Championship

Cricket Ireland Hanley Energy Inter-Provincial Championship 2015-2018

CI Clear Currency All-Ireland T20 Cup (Seasons):


Cricket Ireland Irish Senior Cup (Seasons):


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Two Cricket Players At the Stumps

International Cricket Council

ICC Inter-Continental Cup

ICC Inter-Continental Cup (Final Tables)

International Cricket Council Inter-Continental Cup 2006-2017

ICC Inter-Continental Cup (Editions)

*Ireland Internationals: All-Time Results Index 1846-Present (Cricket Ireland): https://cricketarchive.com/CricketIreland/Seasons/

*This is the Cricket Ireland complete statistical history of Ireland Internationals 1846 to Present.

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man in white jersey shirt and pants holding cricket bat

Cricket Leinster

Cricket Leinster Open Division

Cricket Leinster Open Division 1 2010-2017

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