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Men playing cricket on a Sunday afternoon in the park. Phoenix Park, Dublin

1874 American Baseball Players Tour of Britain and Ireland



American Baseball legend A.G. Spalding, led a team of American Baseball players on a Tour of England and Ireland during August 1874 in an attempt to popularise Baseball in the countries. The team also gave a series of baseball exhibitions, and in the event prompted Rounders Associations in Liverpool and South Wales to modify their sports and create a hybrid Cricket-Baseball-Rounders game called ‘British Baseball’ or sometimes just simply ‘Welsh Baseball’, a sport still played in those regions.

The American team lost none of their seven matches, and defeated Ireland in their final match of the tour by 86 runs in Dublin. The principal bowlers for the Americans were H. Wright and G. Wright, and the best batsmen A.G. Spalding and A.J. Leonard. A.J (Andy) Leonard had left Cavan in Ireland as a baby during the famine and carved out a successful career in Major League Baseball, with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in Baseball Ireland named after him. [References: 1-3 – see end of article]

Image of Cricket in Dublin

Men playing cricket on a Sunday afternoon in the park. Phoenix Park, Dublin
Men playing cricket on a Sunday afternoon in the park. Phoenix Park, Dublin


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